Settlement of index options on Expiry

Since this option is deep ITM, there’s no trading happening in it, hence no change in LTP during the day, LTP changes only once the trade happens.

If you hold option until expiry, the exchange will settle it at the intrinsic value Rs. 3000 (Spot Price 24000 - Strike Price 21000).

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Want to know how this particular option will get settled. If nifty is at 23000 at 15:27 , and bought PE which is trading at say 5 , if now suddenly a 50 point fall comes and it closes at 22950 , will i not get 50*25 at settlement? It wasn’t trading above 5 in the market but nifty closed 50 points lower

Hi @Sss

After 3.10 - 3:15 pm, you will generally see options pricing in the possible expiry price range based on 30 minute average price and adjust itself accordingly.

So, the scenario that you mentioned about the last 3 minute is very unlikely and almost improbable as premium would already be adjusted to 50 at 3.27 pm assuming the closing price at 3.30 pm