Settlement on year end

If i sell my holdings today, will it reflect this year on zerodha or will only happen next year now due to the settlement timeframe?

In Tradebook it is shown in today, as trade occured today so tradebook will show it in current year. But in Contract Note the settelment date would be shown as 1st April,2021.

I sold all my holdings on Friday 26th-March. 3 day week end .So Settlement date in the 26th March contract note is is 31-3-31.
I have to tax audit for the 1st time & file ITR3 as business (lot of currency & commodity future trades)
I put a withdraw request for all unused cash last friday close & got in to the bank on saturday.
26TH Friday sale proceeds still not showing under WITHDRAWABLE FUNDS
So waiting till midnight or tomorrow morning to withdraw all/ENTIRE funds .
no trades till april 5.
No carry forward of any stock at DEMAT /MF/ cash at brokers in to the new tax year.
Will start the new Tax year probably only next Monday April5th with a RTGS in the early morning to zerodha