SGB - Buying last issued bond in secondary market Vs buying on-going bond


I bought October 2018 SGB bond at 3,096.00 and currently, it is available at 2850(approx.). - 8% to 9% discount.

I have also interest in increasing my units in SGB.

Is there any disadvantage in buying the last issue (October 2018) from the secondary market (if available) over applying for new issues(ending today) or Jan issue?

I will be holding the units more than 5 years or till the maturiy.


Does your broker allow you to buy from secondary market?


Yes I am allowed to sell exiting SGB and buy from secondary market.

I am also having a Zerodha account.


Which broker allows u to buy from secondary market? Asking so that I can also open account with them…


Why…what is the issue?


Zerodha doesn’t allow. Asking so that I can open account with the broker which allows…


I have an account with ICICIDirect. But looks like they are not allowing to buy though they have given option to buy/sell in portfolio entries. I will try to buy a unit on Monday to confirm the same.


Nope. They don’t allow…


True. I am not able to buy from ICICIDirect too which is disappointing