SGB pleged can't see on kite

Why we can’t see pleged script see on kite.
Where as we can see them on console holding.

why not reflect it in Kite even if they are pledged. What is the harm? It’s easier for us to track.

When you pledge it, you transfer the share to the broker, he has right to liquidate the holding.
Kite can only show what you own (unpledged).

Check console and also read this Where can I get the holding statement for my pledged shares? (

The shares you pledge now stay in investors demat account with pledge marked against them. Please check out this post for more information:

Holdings on Kite will only show holdings that can be traded. Pledged holdings currently cannot be sold unless you unpledge them. Hence, these don’t reflect in Kite holdings.

Ok. But the broker has the right to sell it when there is a negative balance right ?

Here’s how the process works: