SGB Price Tracking

SGB Price in CDSL is showing different than Kite. I know Kite price is basically reflection of demand and supply on exchange. But how do I track the real price of my SGB? I mean CDSL must be picking SGB price from somewhere, what is that plateform?
Also on maturity, I will get the amount showing in CDSL. Right?

Depends on how you define real price.
If you want to sell it today and get out, then what kite is showing is real price.
If you intend to hold till maturity, then current price of gold is real price for you. Check Indian Bullion & Jewelers Association (IBJA) price for that.

Never used CDSL so not sure what price it shows.
But on maturity you will be paid out based on “simple average of closing price of gold of 999 purity of previous 3 business days from the date of repayment, published by the India Bullion and Jewelers Association Limited.”

So best way to track NAV would be to track IBJA gold price

is it government institution or public institution or private institution ?

Looks like a trade body to me, so not a government institution.

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Well you can go to website and do the research.
But how does that matter? Payout of SGB will be based on price published by them, regardless of what type of institution they are :slight_smile:

so , they can manipulate the price ; if they are not regulated or governed by any body !

That you should have thought about before buying SGB :stuck_out_tongue:

Fact is RBI trusts them and issues and redeems SGB based on price provided by IBJA.
If you don’t trust IBJA (or RBI for that matter), only option you have is not invest in SGB.

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Thanks @Akash_Shah
My question is answered.

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