Share bought on BSE gets transfferd in NSE on delivery

share bought on BSE gets transfferd in NSE on delivery and when I sold for shortsell trade in BSE as BSE has low charges than NSE it takes as new intraday position not shortsell trade only if you sell on NSE then it takes as short sell trade

  1. so question is on shortsell if a delivery share can be traded in BSE OR NSE for shortsell
  2. why it goes to NSE when I took delIvery in BSE

Please guide share views on this !!!

YES. you can do intraday short-sell on both NSE and BSE.

The SHARES delivered does not go to NSE, they are transferred to to your DEMAT Account.

After getting delivered to your demat account you can sell them on either of the exchanges you prefer.

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Just adding a bit.

If you sell shares from Demat on BSE and you want to buy it back on the same day say because you see a dip, then you have to buy it back on BSE only. But the shares that are already in Demat can be sold in NSE or BSE, provided it is trading in both the exchanges.

let me check shortsell on bse snd nse