Share pledging can be used for different security trade

hi, if i pledge reliance shares then after haircut the amount available can be used for trading any fno like sbi or banknifty, or will it be only used only for trading reliance fno?
means any share pledge used only for that share fno trading or can be used for any share or index trading?

You can use the collateral (margin received after haircut from Pledge shares) to trade Equity intraday (not in CNC), futures long/short and Shorting option. You can use this margin to across scrips or contracts (Index as well as Stock F&O). Read more: Will Zerodha give me margin on the shares I hold and what can I use my collateral margin for?

thank you…
if i pledge 10 shares of reliance today…n then i again buy 5 more reliance shares after 1 week…will new 5 shares automatically get pledge…or will i need to pledge separately again?
again charges of 30 rs. will be taken for new 5 share pleding?

You will need to place a pledge request again separately if you wish to pledge additional 5 shares.

Right. It is Rs 30 + GST per pledge request.