Share Pledging Options & Benefits

Hi All,
I have some investment in shares in my demat account for long term goal achievement. Also, I trade on intraday and delivery basis. But, sometime get short of margins for trading. I am thinking to pledge these investment shares for long term(say 5 to 10 years) and enjoy the margin benefit.
I have few questions now:

  1. Is it a good idea to pledge my shares which I brought as long term investment?
  2. Is it good idea to pledge these shares for long terms say 10 years? Do I enjoy all benefits like dividend, bonus etc.?
    Is there any flaw in this idea of pledging shares? Please suggest.

If you do not have sufficient cash for trading and have holdings in Stocks, ETF’s, Mutual Fund’s etc. pledging these securitues is good alternative to get collateral margin for trading.

Also, you will be eligible for all the Corporate Actions even if you have pledged the shares.

You can read this post to know more on how pledging works.