Share transfer from one to another broker in case existing broker has shut downed his operations

Hi there
my question is that I have a demate account with some broking company. Now a day some issue are there with this company.I think the company is closed.not picking the phone.I want to retrieve my holdings around 2.5 lakhs with the same can i do that?whom i can submit my cmr?

Go to. Nsdl or. Cdsl website

Register for. Cdsl easiest or Ndal. Equivalent service

U should. Be able. To transfer ur shares from the old. Demat to new demat

If you feel your old broker/DP is closed, you can contact the depositories(NSDL or CDSL) where the old broker had demat membership. and submit your new CMR to them(NSDL or CDSL). They will transfer the if the broker is closed.
If the broker is not closed then you need to go through broker only to transfer the shares to new the demat account.