Share transfer of my demised father

Certain shares of Reliance Industries are being held under the ownership of my late father. He passed away in 2016, and since then I have been trying to get those share transmitted in the ownership of my mother. The shares are not in dematerialised form.

The original share certificate have been lost and the bonus share certificate is in possession. I have been in touch with Karvy for the issuance of the duplicate certificate and simultaneously transmitting the ownership to my mother. The Karvy is creating an unnecessary hassle in doing so and there is not much support from my brokerage house.

Please guide.

Broker do not have any role to do in such cases. obtaining a duplicate share certificate is very tedious ,time consuming and expensive process . i may be able to guide you the process .(1) i m assuming your late father had shares on SOLE name and you need to transfer the available bonus shares to your mothers name means transmission of shares but since you have informed to the company about loss of original shares ,the company may not cooperate with you till you complete the formalities of duplicate share may please write here the status of case so far.