Share transfer query

If i have a joint demat account with ICICI direct and want to transfer shares to Zerodha where I have Individual demat account. Can i transfer? what process do i have to follow?

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The process for share transfer remains the same - fill ICICI Direct’s DIS Slip(Delivery Instruction Slip) with an instruction to transfer shares to Zerodha. Mention your Zerodha Demat DP ID and Client ID in the slip. The slip has to be signed by the first holder and the second holder in this case.

This is Zerodha’s DIS slip along with instructions on how to fill it. If you have a CDSL account with ICICI Direct then the DIS slip will be similar. You can follow the same instructions to fill their slip.



This can be done through DIS Slip,

you can take the DIS slip from ICICI, fill and sign the same with your joint holder signature on it.
Submit it to ICICI direct with CMR copy of your Zerodha demat.

They will transfer your holding to Zerodha DP

What if there are 2 holders at Zerodha as well? Does it change the process in such case?

you are transferring in an offline mode from one demat account number to another demat account number. the process is common .you will charged nominal offline execution charges.