Shares pledging in Zerodha

@nithin @siva
Sir, I have some shares in my demat account with local broker. I want to pledge those shares and avail margin against it in my Zerodha account.
Is it possible to pledge shares at one broker but avail margin at another (Zerodha)?
Thank you.

Not possible, anyhow you need to transfer to our DP to pledge.

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You will only get margins with the broker you have pledged your equities. If you intend to get margins for your account at Zerodha, you ll have to open a demat account with us, transfer the securities and then pledge.

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I already have demat account with Zerodha. Do I need to transfer the shares to my Zerodha account? How can I transfer it to Zerodha account?


Can check this and for more help you can create there.

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