Shares Transfer From IL&FS Demat Account.


Is it possible to “online” share transfer from IL&FS account to another demat account? What is the procedure kindly explain.


It is possible. But it’s a quite tedious process. You need to have a digital signature to do an online transfer. However, doing it offline is much recommended if you are holding an ILFS account. If it to your zerodha demat account, you can check this article for more info.

Haven’t tried this before but I think it’s possible. You need to contact your broker and fill out the form for the share transfer. Your broker will go through the depository details and proceed with further transfer.

Cant we use the Zerodha’s Gift feature ?

Gift feature is only possible if both the parties are holding a CDSL demat account. If one of the party is holding IL&FS demat account, it wont be possible to use the gift feature.

Got it Thanks for clarifying

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