Sharing Kite basket orders (new feature)

You can now easily share your Kite basket orders with others. Basket orders can be downloaded in form of a shareable file which you can send to your friend. The option to export the basket is available in the basket creation window on Kite.

Once the file is shared, it can be imported by the receiver of the file by creating a new basket & selecting the import option:

The sharing feature is only on Kite web right now. Check this article for more details.


Great Feature. Can we get a similar feature for creating GTT orders, so that instead of manually creating GTT orders, we can upload an excel file in defined format and that will create the GTTs automatically.

This will save alot of manual effort.


Nice work! Can I request you to create a feature for placing GTT orders using excel. It would be a very useful feature.

basket order misbehaves, observed this regularly and consistently day after day.
Problem#1: The arrangement of orders doesnt stay static once we get off the order 1st time.
Say bull call spread and buy order is arranged 1st, or in condor buy orders arranged 1st then the sell orders. But once closed, they revert to previous (may be sell 1st) -etc

Problem#2: when some 6 or more orders are entered, the last order disappears when 1st close the basket order widget and reopen and check. Then if another same order is entered to compensate, close and open the widget, there are 7 orders with the last 1 duplicated.
@siva please ask your backend team to unit test this properly… load it open/close, check the fidelity of the number of orders and the order of orders… else its very inconvnient. These problems are failing a good feature otherwise.

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Let me get these cases checked, thanks.

hi @siva thanks. Can you or any of your team member please confirm that the problem exists? will reduce some anxiety for me.