Short sell of shares , what to do next?

I have put a bid of 2325 of tcs yesterday 9/2/16…
It sell at 3:15:54 pm , how intraday sell can happen at this time.
After that I try to cover back but software fails and not allow me to buy till 3:30pm
Now showing short sell.
Now what best we can do?
I complained to the Kotak securities. What to do next
Should I buy today. Will it help me?

Intraday trades are closed at 3:20 by brokers…so that leaves you with 5 more mins to place a trade. You will be auctioned for bad short delivery if you by any chance do not close the position. Check this -

Isn’t short sell automatically squared off by zerodha ?

@harshendrasingh - my bad. Yes, CNC order will be rejected if the stock is not there in CNC.

But CNC checks our holding and order is rejected if particular stock is not in holdings and if that stock is in holding then there is no reason for a bad delivery.