Short selling a future

Most of the times when we short a stock, it is squared off by the end of the day.
I have read that if you have a bearish view on a particular stock, instead of buying put options(which fluctuates widely), we can short the future which will be carried over to the next day until its expiry.

My questions:

  1. Can we short futures of any particular stock and carry over to the next day in India?
  2. Can you tell me step by step procedure on how to short a future that can be carried over the next day?

If you choose MIS - It will be squared off automatically (around 3:20 PM) on same day

If you choose NRML - You can carry forward to next days anytime until expiry


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Can we also put a stop loss that will be carried over the next day?

Everyday order gets cancelled at EOD, so u need to keep stop loss order everyday

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