Short Selling IN CNC

I have 10 share of CDSL and since I cant short sell in intraday because system says “scrip is not tradable in MIS”
I short sell in delivery I sell them at high price and buy on same day the same share using position tab. even If I short sell in cnc and price goes Up i am ok to book loss and buy at higher price.
It dont disturb my buying Average.

My Question is
Does this type of Trading will result in Brokerage too like in intraday?
Can I ever land In call auction if I continue doing this.

thanks :smiley:

CNC is just a product type. If you are selling and buying the shares on same day, it will be considered as intraday trade and will be charged accordingly. Explained here.

In CNC you can only sell the shares if you have them in holdings. So there is no risk of short delivery.

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