Short stock confusing strategy.

I buy MIS stock Say name ABC on Rs 94 and quantity is 300. Its reduce price that day on Rs 91 so i convert it into CNC and a day after morning session i sell it on Rs 93.20. So in my position its price changing according to market price and that day end it price reduce to Rs 87-86 so its showing me profit of Rs 1925 So i again buy that stock in CNC. In My margin statement i got profit of 1925 but in portfolio it shows me big loss it still showing me buying price is Rs 94 instead of actual buying price is Rs 86-87. Why my portfolio shows this big loss?

It is indeed correct that you bought it at 94… MIS or CNC doesn’t matter. You sold it at 93.2 and made a 80ps loss per share. I see no other explanation.