Short Straddle Questions

Hi There so i have been trying to learn and do paper trades since past few months specifically for short straddles and i have a few questions and if someone can help :

  1. Trades are executed after 920 Am only once the CE and pe premium become equal

ques : From all the videos and theory that i have read it always says wait for premium to become equal in short straddle what is the reason for this

  1. When doing short straddle it is said that Friday to Tues is good with same week expiry and for wed and thur move to next week

Ques : How is this parameter defined to when to stay in the same week and when to move to next week is it premiums that give this indication (the reason i am aware to move wed and thur to next week is to stay safe from gamma spikes)

  1. Short straddles only work specific months of the year and eventually you need to change to strangles

Ques : Is it really like this that there would be specific months or days where you can do this if yes what are those months and how does one get the indication that now if executed it will fail.
(The reason how i see it is that if i am giving taking premium both side of say 50 then my sl will be very close so if there is a gamma spike i might loose both legs but this is just my assumption)

Thank you for reading this through
Appretiate you giving time and answers

  1. I don’t trade options. So my view may be less informed and i don’t have specific answers to your questions.
  2. You really really need to be able to test things for yourself to get the answer. I don’t think its possible to find or trust a system based on other peoples inputs blindly. You have to test. This might be difficult to do with options but that’s what you need to do. For me, I made a big jump, perhaps the largest jump towards profitable trading once i started testing things myself. There is no substitute for this.
  3. Just a warning - Trading is a profession. It takes time to learn things and develop skills. It also takes time to get the mindset needed to trade. So go slow and trade small in initial years. Most people lose, and only 2-3% are able to beat FD over 3+ years as per Z boss himself.
  4. Something only working in specific months is likely incorrect. Seems more like an excuse or an over optimization.
  5. Day of week specific behavior might be there in options, esp as expiry approaches. Expiry days seem to be good for selling the option that is expiring, but you need an edge and consistent application of that edge. Its not easy money ( There is no easy money in trading). This is just based on what i have heard from people who make money off it.
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Thank you for sharing