Shorting all that one has

I have 500 Shares of TataMotors at an Average price of 297 per share. Now I am in loss by almost 38%.
My Question is If I short them in the morning by 10:00AM @ 185/- and buy them back by 3:00PM or at a Target price 179/- . How does this Trade affect my total investment figure? The difference between Actual Amount invested and Current value. Is it profitable or it is a foolish act to perform this kind a trade?
Do we have any specific name to this kind a trade ?

It wont.

average pr

I am not worried about the Target price but the math behind the Total Investment value Vs Current Value.
As Shorting requires me to lend Shares from someone else but when I have my own why should I lend it from someone else and pay for that lending.

Thank you.

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It doesn’t works that way i guess.

As I did it once, 2017 November, I started investing in equity, and my first Investment was in Tatamotors, when it started to fall I panicked. At that time I had just 4-5 shares with me @ 425 - 375 I believe. one day the fall was drastic and the momentum was intense next day I was ready to get rid of it and did so. Later in the evening Exited it, Thought I should not back out on my own conviction. Now Kite 3 app shows my Breakdown list and my highest buy price is about 375(realised) & 425(unrealised) I really do not know what it imply as both are in about 50% negative. So I would want to understand the logic behind the shorting as it might help me accumulate slowly.

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Doing that will only change the amount of loss you are currently in , only difference it will make to overall loss is if you increase qty in the trade from 185 - whatever

This is the reason I stay away from stocks , they are highly manipulated and prices may or may never reach one’s level or it may take very long time where returns don’t justify time invested.

Commodities and forex are much better

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considering you are at a reeling loss of 50k+, hope that loss affects only a small % of your trading capital or your risk amount.

I ld not think it ld be profitable or not; to short the stock as you described. Reason being:
No one can predict how much a stock will fall or move or how a stock will react. Every person who attempted to predict has failed miserably.

Well, we speculate as per our risk parameters and our edge.

Hope, you find some answers. :smile:

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It will be considered as an Intraday Trade, The gains supposed to be taxed as STCG.
This way whatever amount you earn, you can deduct that from your Investment or Take the profit out. It’s up to you how you treat this. :sweat_smile:

You really know very little about trading.
You are still in theory mode, I guess.

This is just theoretical way of looking at things. Aisa nai hota hai.
For intraday, you don’t touch shares. You sell and you buy. At 3:20 total buy should be equal to total sell.

This is also not true.
Start trading. Earn some practical knowledge.

Seems like you had not learnt your lesson. Cut your positions once your portfolio is 20% down. Now keep them for long run. Its good. Infact add more when you get them around 150.