Should I invest into Sovereign gold bonds?

I just saw the below on zerodha fb page. I was planning to invest  Rs 1lk, should I be investing into this sovereign gold bond  scheme? Can someone help?


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Suggest you to read through this answer which has details on what  are these gold bonds. Government of India is using the stock exchanges for the issue of 2nd tranche of sovereign gold bonds. So similar to  IPO's you can apply for these gold bonds in the next few days. 

Who should apply? 

Anyone who intends to invest into physical gold (coins, biscuit, jewellery) or gold ETF's. 


Government is paying a fixed 2.5% per year return on invested value. Yep, correct, a fixed return similar  to investing into an FD. This scheme is being floated to encourage people to move away from buying physical gold, which  is one of the main reasons for India's widening current account deficit. 

Since it is in demat form, no worry of storage costs or security. 

When buying gold ETF's, there is a management fees. No such fees when investing into sovereign gold bonds. 

These  gold bonds will start trading  on the exchanges soon. So similar to selling  stocks you can decide to exit it whenever you want, if you don't decide to hold on till the end of the bond tenure. 

Guaranteed by government of India. 

Check this link on FAQ on investing into SGB


The issue dates are still not announced. Should be between 2nd and 3rd week of July. So this is similar to a stock IPO. 

If you are a Zerodha client, you can visit here: to apply. The money will be debited from your trading account 1 or 2 days before close of the issue. You can visit the same link to edit/delete as well. 

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What is cost of one unit/stock? How much anyone can invest minimum as well as maximum? As you said it can be traded in the secondary market once the IPO closes, can anyone purchase units there also? Or it is to apply only thru IPO? Will it be move up or down like shares? How this 2.5% of guarateed returns anyone gets, if he sells the units before 1 yr?

Cost is going to be announced in the next 3 to 4 days. But it will be market price of gold.
Minimum 2gms, maximum 500 gms
Yes, you can buy it in the secondary market as well.
Yes, it will move up and down in sync with gold.
Check this, explains the concept of dirty price. The interest will get factored in the bond price, until the interest is paid out.