Should I trade Options in range or only at breakouts?

Should you trade options in range or only at breakouts?
Also should you only day trade options or should carry them?

First of all welcome. Secondly, option buying is not done when the underlying is in range. That would cause the value of the option to decrease with time. So yes buying is done in trending markets. Thirdly, option are not held for a long period of time for the same reason. Can’t really pinpoint how long one should hold an option. It ultimately depends on how much theta decay is occurring.

You can trade options in any conditions . If you want to trade options during breakout then buying is preferred . Because it gives more profits compared to selling . If there is a rangebound markets then option selling is preferred because if market is in the range for long time, time decay helps us and melts premiums thus making profits . If you want to do intraday buying is preferred because M to M profit will be more . Obviously even option selling will give you profits but margin will be more when compared to buying . If you have good margin then selling can be done in intraday .If you want to hold till expiry selling is the game you should be in .