Should we include brokerage and other charges along with total loss for filing tax returns?

Below is an example of trade. Should I file my loss as 979.15 or 1743.38(979.15+764.23). Please suggest.

Profit and turnover breakdown  
Intra-day / Speculative profit -979.15
Intra-day / Speculative turnover 13717.65
Short-term profit 0.00
Short-term turnover 0.00
Long-term profit 0.00
Long-term turnover 0.00
Total charges  
Brokerage 222.07
Turnover charges 74.80
STT 288.00
Service tax 36.66
Stamp duty 138.09
SEBI charges 4.61
Total charges 764.23

Speculative trading is considered as a business income. So all charges can be shown as an expense, the entire Rs 764.

So essentially your loss is 979 + 764.


In above case,

  1. What is “Intra-day / Speculative turnover 13717.65”?

In my Case-
Intraday/Speculative Profit= - Rs.9064.5
Intraday/Speculative Turnover= Rs. 17486 (x)
Short term profit= Rs. 181.05
Short Term Turnover= Rs. 4084.7 (y)

Total charges (all) = Rs.5817.89

AND MY TOTAL INTRADAY& SHORT TERM TRADES BUY VALUE for (FY 2017-18)= Rs.8374850.65 (a) (asper Zerodha p&l for tax)

SELL VALUE = Rs. 8365967.20 (b)
Hence, P&L = -Rs.8883.45,
& STCG to be reported in ITR2 = - Rs.8883.45+(-Rs.5817.89) = - Rs. 14701.34

  1. Should I consider These BUY VALUE (a), SELL VALUE (b) figures in ITR2 - Schedule CG-A2.1.a & b(I) fields

or Should I enter Intraday/Speculative Turnover (x)= Rs. 17486 +Short Term Turnover (y)= Rs. 4084.7 in ITR Form 2 entry fields?

  1. How to carry forward this STCG Loss to next coming years in ITR2 ? for which, Which schedule in ITR2 form to be filled now before uploading?

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