Shouldn't there be Nationwide protest against SEBI limiting retail traders exposure in Derivatives, linking to Income tax returns? Shouldn't we?


how many have really done it …no ones concerned seriously




all talk here , protest is only online.



I think I read somewhere that only 3% of Indians participate in capital markets. Even a lesser number trade and even lesser in F&O. There is just no political will or constituency for such protest. But I do feel this is very anti entrepreneurial


but still even if 10000 people trade fno still its a good number to protest…i have already send them a tweet and will be sending more
one more thing we can do is file a grievance in pgportal to finance ministry
When this govt is pushing entrepreneurship on one hand and on the other its closing the gates .


I sent a mail to SEBI, also tweeted.
Need more mails from all concerned parties, as well as a representative mail from a well known trader/ member.


I will be tweeting couple of times every day to SEBI. I will also send a mail to the complaints department.


Taxes and democracy go together. For instance the freedom to protest.


I dont see many tweets from others. May be they are not using any hashtag, which makes it difficult to search.

We need to be more organized.Tag news chnls, get hold of traders with 5k+ followers, create buzz.


We need to post tweet links for others to retweet. To bring as a trending hashtag, people from all over India, needs to tweet, retweet at the same time with a common hashtag.


"When this govt is pushing entrepreneurship on one hand and on the other its closing the gates …"
But trading is not entrepreneurship. At the end of day trading there is no new value (new product, new solution etc…) generated. Money simply changes hands. Unholy truth is, whole of the day trading is just a system wherein big market movers take money from most retailers. Ofcourse, there will be a small section of winning retailers who also make money.


Without traders how would the price discovry happen, where would be liquidity, how would investors hedge their risk without counterparty, would the mkts be efficient? 10k crore STT, several crores STCG, brokers, exchanges survive, there would many Indirect beneficiaries as well like hardware, software, broadband etc to name a few.

Thinking market as just a place where money changes hand may not be right.


Doubt our govt has this much common sense.

Maybe you should do ias. & head sebi?

Seriously though, govt are being arrogant.

Thinking that traders will come no matter what dumb rules are put.

Sebi attitude needs to change.

1st time now I really regretted voting for Modi.
Never felt that earlier before this.


There are several instances where govt has reversed the decision like PF taxing etc, based on public outcry.

I request everyone to write to sebi, PMO etc, rather then blaming.

I have done my part. Writr there instead of writing here.


regret x100 times. The country is in disarray.

Important points, People should tweet this to SEBI.


@NestUser I agree that we should apply every possible measure available to us. Wrote a lettee to PM.


Please Share the link where you posted it …even I’ll write to them
And guys can I trade tomorrow ? As they are yet to come up with the rules



Only few of us participating here. Are others not concerned or not aware or are they HNIs?


Thanks for that. I will use it to compose a letter of my own.


I think they;re not aware. But hopefully we will be enough to fight this off!!!