Shut down stock markets

It’s better to shut down the stock markets for few days until things stabilize.

Government should not delay this. May be from today they should shut.


Whole point of having FNO is for this situation.

Also there are circuit breakers.


Even if they do that…

markets can gap down …

But more than that… People want option to exit… Loss of trust is the biggest loss

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Next circuit is at 15%, right?

based on this if Nifty hits -15% before 11 AM, then we will have 1 hr 45 min break…

This is almost guaranteed from here

what about those stocks which are not in the FNO ?


you can hedge you portfolio of small/mid caps with nifty futures or even nifty options.

Never invest your savings in stocks. Only invest what you can lose entirely without significant impact

Why is stock markets running still???

Anyways lower circuit is gonna hit. It’s better to have “no deal” than a “bad deal”.

Why should they close it? People may want to sell their stocks in the coming days to cover some personal expenses. Do you want them to be denied of their own money? People like me are waiting to accumulate at lower levels. Do you want to deny investors that opportunity?

Banning short selling might reduce the bloodshed, and it has been adopted in several countries now.

Why should someone shut market? You have option to short, Intrday or to keep quite.

That does not means trading is halted for entire day. unless drop is more than 10%.

Yep it should be banned temporary untill volatility subsides

These days stock exchanges and brokers are doing online, they can work in home, no need to close, afterall every process is online

This is the time to have fun, experience history in making.

Nifty circuit limit almost hit already… Sebi can give time for 1 or 2 days to close existing position and should close stock markets until March 31

Then when it opens on April 1st, it will move a week’s worth movement and might hit continuous LC or UC. Lots of shorts/longs will be squared off with users having negative balance, posing a huge marketwide risk.

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