Simple Nykaa P/E ratio query

If PE Ratio = Price of Share / Earnings per share then

PE of Nykaa should be 2,324.70 / 47.72 = 48.72

But it is shown as 1777.55.

Is this an error?


Figures sourced from Tikertape on 4th Dec 2021

Two aspects to this:

  1. FY2021 data on tickertape is either outdated or wrong. As per latest result published by Nykaa FY 2021 eps was just rs 1.33

  1. for PE ratio, EPS is always considered as trailing 12 months. So in this scenario data from Dec 2020 to sep 2021 quarter should be used and not fy2021 data.

Also Nykaa came up with IPO post FY 2021, hence entire equity structure changed and using that eps with current price will not give true picture.

So EPS is wrong and high PE of 1700+ is reality :grin:


Thanks for your reply

Nykaa down by 47% from its ATH and is almost 25% from listing price. :hushed: