Simple Strategy yet i get No trades happened

hi @Streak

I have just created a simple strategy on nifty however I get no trades all the time. The strategy is simple price should cross above Vwap and rsi should cross above 50. if met I take a trade.

I’m attaching the image.


Kindly note that we have checked the screenshot and the strategy conditions in it, however, please note that the VWAP indicator cannot be plotted on any of the Indices. This is because Indices are not tradable instruments hence, no volume is generated and cannot be plotted on the index charts. Thus you are receiving the message “No trades Happened”. You can check the same conditions on any tradable instruments and it should work fine.

Do also refer to Streak Manual for a structured explanation of our platform. Also, refer to our List of webinars page for creating strategies and scanners in step-by-step manner, refer to the links provided below:
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