Singapore for trading

Is it beneficial to get settled in Singapore and trade Indian market from there(not Singapore listed market)?if so,what are the procedures for the same and how much capital is needed? Thanks

I don’t see any major advantages trading by relocating yourself to Singapore.

The profits that you make will still be taxable in India, regardless of whether you’re a resident Indian staying in Singapore or an NRI. The slight advantage that you get if you are a foreign national trading in the Indian markets is that your other income (apart from the income you make trading the Indian markets) is not taxable in India which is quiet logical.


Both the persons are right , you can trade from any where in world, And one thing you ask that, "How much money required for trading" . There is no specification this, even you can trade with 50 Rs also. Some where I read that from minimum amount you will trade, so obviously minimum profit you will get, but if you don't have sufficient knowledge , you should start with minimum amount, it will be beneficial for you and you will get Idea how to trade. I provide you link, I hope it will help you. 


wow, May i know y this idea came into ur mind? Why r u looking it beneficial to trade from singapore rather than from india?

I think he wants to know, settling in a foreign is it possible to trade indian markets legally? Should he get some license or something? How much money do he need if it is so?
I may be wrong, though?

I want to know specifically about Singapore whether I can get some tax benefit or so.

Hi everyone,
I think you can trade in the Indian Markets from any corner of the world, as long as you have access to NEST Trader (or similar client) and good enough internet connection. But, withdrawal of funds from Trading A/c to Bank A/c could be a problem, but I believe there are ways, wherein you can convert your currency and withdraw/redeem from your country of residence. May be some some senior people can help in answering this better.