Single stop loss for all the combined positions

I am planning to buy Share A and sell Share B both having their own stop losses.

Lets say stop loss for Share A is hit.
Is there a way to automatically square off position for Share B?

If this is very complicated another way could be having stop loss for combined positions.
Is there a way to keep a stop loss amount for all the positions?
If SL is hit all positions should be automatically squared off.

BTW…I am really happy with new feature launched which shows required margin while ordering itself. Great innovation for customers. This is a big advantage and is really time saving.

There is no way to do any of this currently.

Might be possible with Basket orders, will pass on your feedback to @Siva.

Can be done using sentinel now.
Also once we have tags on kite this should be possible, will take sometime.

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As far as I know about sentinel, it can be used for getting realtime alerts.
But all the positions will not be squared off automatically and will still need manual trigger right?

I don’t know much about upcoming tags feature but think that it will act just like SL or SL-M for multiple active orders at once.

Any update on this? It’s very critical.