SIP for Long Term in Mutual Funds For 500 Rupees

I am looking out for diversification of mutual funds so i have planned to invest 3 or 4 mutual funds with SIP of 500 rupees.  Appreciate if anyone can guide me . So far i have invested in Axis Long Term Equity Fund (G) 

P.S  I am not looking out for tax saver in the short run.


login to and check for the diversified mutual funds, there are lots of funds with minimum SIP of Rs.500 and lesser.

You can also analyse the performance of the Funds.

when you log on to your zerodha mutual fund platform you have a option called explore funds. There you can see all amc’s and mutual funds under equity diversified category.

Thanks but sadly i am not able to find the diversified mutual funds for SIP Rs 500. Can you name few.
Thanks in advance