SIP Starting Rs.500 or Less


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On coin platform, you have a filter option and has the option to search/filter for funds based on the Minimum purchase amount, find the same on this Link


There are 2 modes of investments accepted by the AMC :

  • Lumpsum
  • SIP

Lump-sum investments consist of ‘Minimum Initial Investment Amount’ and ‘Minimum Additional Purchase Amount’.

At Zerodha, do not follow the conventional SIP model. All your orders are sent to the AMCs as lumpsum investment orders on your chosen SIP dates. This allows you more control over your SIPs. You can select the SIP dates and frequency as per your convenience & you can easily pause, modify or restart your SIP online without any hassle or document submission.

However, Zerodha has the AMC SIP option available for mutual funds schemes which have stopped accepting fresh investments via lump sum orders due to the fund size exceeding optimal AUM values.

In any case, the minimum initial investment amount varies between different AMCs and schemes. So, some schemes might ask for Rs 5000, Rs 1000 or Rs 500. If you wish to view schemes according to the minimum investment value then you can click on this link

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Pranav, you can sort based on the minimum investment amount on the Coin app

The SIP amount is set by the AMC and it is Rs 1000 for Mirae Emerging Bluechip and Kotak Multi-cap as well.



Do you really want to start a SIP???
Read this thread and the examples included there before you jump in: