Sixty Day Challenge - Brokerage Refund


Recently I won the 60 day challenge which I started in 29th April 2018. Was waiting for brokerage refund, however when that didn’t come, I contacted support team who mentioned that starting 25th April 2018 they’re not refunding brokerage, just providing winner’s certificate.

I request Zerodha team to provide some monetary benefits upon winning of 60-day challenge which provides more motivation compared to only winner’s certificate.

For managing profits, may be can reduce the max refund or some other way, but some monetary benefits should be provided on winning which boosts the sense of achievement (atleast for me).

Thank You
Ajay Kundnani

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Isnt the profits u got from trading a monetary benefit and monetary motivation :slight_smile:

I think they remove the entire challenge right?

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The reason for stopping the brokerage refund wasn’t the revenue, but compliance. The exchanges don’t encourage any schemes/offers like this.
The Challenge(without the brokerage refund) will resume after we go live with the new Backoffice completely.

Hi @MohammedFaisal ,
when is the expected go live date?

The Beta version is live, check out
Post your feedback here

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No back office in console ah

we used to have profit/loss data visualizatons previously in Q.These are missing in console.Is it coming for future releases?

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nope, that’s still there without any information on discontinuation of brokerage refund. you can start it and everything else remaining the same.

Hi Sudheer,

Like @MohammedFaisal said, this is in beta, and a lot more is coming soon on console