SL and Target in one order How?

Can I put SL and Target Price in single Order If yes How?

You’ll have to use the Bracket order facility, if you are trading with Zerodha to place a SL and Target order in the same order.

More on this has been explained on this blog:

This facility is offered in the Zerodha software installed in computers. This type of order is called Bracket order.

While creating a bracket order, you can mention Target, Stop Loss, Trialing Stop Loss (optional), all three in a single order.

Your entry into trade, is through Market order at the last traded price at which you are submitting the bracket order.

Your exit out of the trade is either when your target reaches, or when your Stop Loss reaches, any one of them. If target is completed, your SL will be automatically canceled and if your SL is reached, your target order will be automatically canceled.

If u wish u can also modify your target and SL values after creating the bracket order from order book.

Note: This facility not available in mobile or web platforms, it seems.

Also bracket orders are only for intraday not for delivery trading.

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Thanks da… Beautifully explained