SL entry order in CO

Hi @nithin,

For order type CO, there is two types of entry: Market and LIMIT.

Is SL-L or SLM entry for CO feasible in terms of technology and guidelines?
If yes then any plan to introduce this in near future?

I know that BO support SL entry but for large qty it splits into multiple orders which increases brokerage charges.

yes i was looking at the same feature, but they do not have i think.
however there will no increase in brokerage for your point “splits into multiple orders which increases brokerage charges.”

This may not be possible for now, will consider it as feature request.

Brokerage would increase.

When you place an entry bracket order, there is only one order number, so irrespective of how many trades it takes to fill, the brokerage charged will be only Rs 20.
But for every fill there is a separate exit/SL orders placed, with different order numbers. So every exit/SL when executed will be treated as a separate order for calculating brokerage.
So if an order to execute got filled in 5 trades, entry order only Rs 20 brokerage, since there are now 5 separate exit orders, brokerage will be 5 x 20 = Rs 100.

This response I got from zerodha team as part of support ticket.