SLM buy and sell orders - clarify my doubt please

If I place slm buy order at x price and slm sell order at y price, will I need to keep margin for two positions or one? Considering that only one of the orders will be triggered? Would appreciate clarity on this.

What happens if it is a BO during market hours? Will the situation change re: margin required?

For Bo margin requirements are low because of limited loss potential

For 2 SL orders, margin will be considered for both

You can’t assume that only 1 order will get executed
Both might!
Depending on the order

Drastic fluctuations esp happen when there’s related news coming out or other related factors

Also I personally prefer a SL limit order, instead is slm

Avoids getting trapped in any fluctuations, even if microscopic.

Makes sense. Thanks

This is something I could try