Small case for 2018

New to small case.Just discovered it accidentally and found it very useful and innovative concept! Congratulations to the creators…
About to invest in a small case keeping long term perspective. Confused with some options:
-Affordable housing is one of the themes which would have long term gains since this sector is hugely supported by government initiatives.
-Rural India is another one considering the budget and governments efforts to reform agriculture/rural market.
-Third is the collection of stocks in select value investing theme which is really diverse and what I like.
Which one is preferred?

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Buy the smallcase which has the stocks you like. Also, verify the performance of the stocks once.

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Congratulation for passing the first step to become rational. You already selected the stocks on your own judgement/rational criteria which is very much warranted in long term investment philosophy, you have acquired that conviction now time to act, so once you convinced by your choice next step is to watch the basket of eggs and be patient.

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i have been checking smallcase since long,
i am fon of three smallcases
these have performed good even in range bound, or a negative bias market

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Have you seen the numbers?

Again have you seen the numbers?

No need to count the numbers, just invest systematically for a period of 5 years or so and reap the the benefits after 10 years.


Yes…and I think the numbers are excellent.
Affordable housing: 60% growth since it’s inception in Feb 2017.
Rural housing: Again very good returns for last 1 and 2 yrs.
Moreover, I believe these sectors are just on the verge of growth and considering time horizon of 5 yrs(2022 is govt target to achieve) I think these sectors will continue to grow!

Thanks for recommending!

bro, smallcase is best for those wishing to invest in mutual funds or schemes and want a passive income. but, these are not recommendation, i always say do what your system says,