Small case for Long term, apply rebalance updates automatically


I am interested in buying predefined small cases…worth of 30Lakhs, As far as my understanding I have to apply rebalance updates every-time on the rebalance scheduled date… Instead of me apply for updates…

anything like auto apply updates available … ??

For most smallcases, a rebalance update comes up every quarter for which you are notified by an email. And the new rebalance update will remain open until the next rebalance update comes up the next quarter. So you can apply the rebalance anytime during the course of the quarter.
I’ve either way pointed this out to the smallcase team to maybe incorporate a ‘Rebalance All’ option, if not an automatic rebalance update. This will certainly be helpful in cases where a client holds a lot of smallcases.


And i have one more questions.

1)In any scenario does zerodha have accesses to trade with my stocks in open market ?

No, Zerodha does not have access to trade your stocks in any scenario because the stocks are held in your own individual Demat account. If any trade is initiated from your Holdings, then you will be able to see this in your trading account.

The possibility of a broker trading in a client’s account can occur when the client’s shares are held in the broker’s pool account. In that case, he could initiate trades on your shares and generate brokerage or he could also lend your shares to a third party and use that margin for trading, inturn generating brokerage, both of which the client will be unaware of.

At Zerodha, you shares are not held in the pool account but is held in your individual Demat account. So you have complete control over it, nothing to worry about.

I re-balance once year. After much research and analysis I figured out that if we re-balance once a year that would be the best strategy.

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Is there chance of booking loss in rebalance?

As smallcases underline assets are stocks which have market risks so there is a chance of losing your capital. But as a wise man said just stick to your investment strategy/philosophy you will reap the benefit over a longer time duration.