Smallcase chart

like with everything to do with markets, charts are essential to make investment decisions for a TA student.

with Smallcase, the stocks are picked using variety of methods and that eases a lot of hard work an investor has to do.

it would be nice if you can make smallcase charts available for TA and investment decisions.



What do you mean by smallcase charts exactly?

referring to smallcase =

by chart i mean a candlestick chart of the index value of smallcase closing value each day.

see screenshot of a smallcase that I am referring to.

so, this smallcase (or any other small case) that is available has a index value that changes daily as the component’s in it change in value. Based on the Index value of the smallcase, its return is calculated.

Once you have a index value, plotting a chart (at least EOD) should not be difficult.

want to add an additional layer of TA over smallcase purchase.

hence, this request.


@vasanthkamath ++