Smallcase consolidated P/L

Hello All,

Is there anyway to get consolidated P/L of the smallcase which I have invested example:
like in Electric mobility I have invested and SIP is enabled
So I need a P/L which starts from the

  1. fee which is charged on that smallcase
  2. Rebalance of it (including the kite charges of it, if not available an average of the charges will be suffice)
  3. SIP investment


Believe you can check pnl smallcase itself apart from charges.


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Hey Adarsh,

There isn’t any separate p/l statement just for smallcase since all the stocks are credited to your Zerodha Demat directly. But you can download the current set of holdings using the export option of any smallcase which doesn’t account for the stocks you sold previously.

If you wish, we can get you the export of all the orders placed from smallcase. Please write to [email protected] to get the orders data.

And any of the reports will not include the Fee charged. Fee is just Rs.118 for all the smallcase now and no further charges made on Rebalnace / SIP / Manage or Exit. Only the standard Zerodha charges would apply.


No separate statent it’s included in normal demat statement

Well, this is something I had spoken a long time ago, the true cost of your smallcase investment can be derived only with the formula:

Smallcase fees (if any) + Rebalance fees (if any) + Demat brokerage charges (upon rebalancing) + Tax liability (due to rebalancing).

When you subtract these from the returns then only you get the actual returns.

There is a proper method of doing this calculation. First you will have to learn that method and then apply it in order to know the information you require.

Enlighten us, please.


Such kind of P/L should be built in smallcase itself because it is quite hard to determine whether my investment is actually making money or not. For non-financial person it is quite hard to determine those things as it depends upon multitude of things

So can you actually make this as a feature request in smallcase where it can give absolute P/L and breakdown of those P/L like brokerage charge etc.

this is a much needed feature request and it is an absolute necessity as it creates a transparency in investment and a person can actually make a decision on it


Is it possible to tag all the smallcase transaction (past and the future one, like when I start doing transaction it will automatically tag it with smallcase with appropriate basket name), generate a report and then calculate the P/L.

I mean in the console tags are supported,so is it possible to add the tags like that ??