Smallcase custom cases - fees applicable

Hi is there the same 100rs first time buying fees for any custom smallcases that I create?

Thanks in advance.

If basket value less than 4000rs it’s 2.5% and if basket value greater that 4000rs it’s flat 100 rs

Even though you are creating/customizing a smallcase, you are still buying the smallcase. And a charge of Rs.100 or 2.5% of the investment amount, whichever lesser, is applicable when you buy a smallcase.

After buying a custom smallcase, you can add/delete stocks, invest more funds into it, exit your smallcase and all of this is free.

Read the advantages of creating a custom smallcase here

Is there any charges like STT , total txn charge applicable for smallcase when we exit or sell some share ?

There is only one time fee when you purchase an Small Case.

The other charges are same for Buy/Selling equity

So there will be one time fee 100 + same fee structure used for equity delivery trade right.?
Why they charge 100rs if I create my own custom smallcase ?

Yes, your understanding is correct.
I think they are charging you to use their platform.
But no one stops you to directly buy via Kite.

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So that was reason behind zerodha is limiting market watch in kite & promoting smallcase as alternative for buying bunch of stocks & track performance as their business strategy.

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Now you get it :slight_smile:

On a other note, Small Case is very clean and neat. It doesn’t have any of Kite Issues. Customer Service is excellent.

By the way there are other companies who offer the functionality similar to Small case with no charges :), you may want to explore them.

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HI @Srinivas
What is the difference between select (200 Rs) and except select (100 Rs) small case?

How can I add/remove stocks to custom made Smallcase ? looks like there is no option to rebalance custom made Smallcases.