SmallCase - need help in SIP

Can anyone suggest me good Basket for SIP for the long term at least a minimum of 5 years in a smallCase?

May I ask, the following:-

  1. Why small case.
  2. I am sure you know the pros and cons of small case.
  3. You are looking for long term, does small case really help you.

Just curious as to why someone choses small case instead of mutual fund.

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yeah as @neha1101 pointed it out I also compared costs of Smallcase and MFs over a three-year horizon (that’s the best I could find) for multiple small cases. I wasn’t reasonably convinced other for the fact that you get to hold the stocks in your demat and get directly benefited from corporate actions.
Would you mind sharing your reason behind picking a small case (I’m sly curious)

like they have the proper basket and its really helpful to build a proper portfolio

There are many article on small case, read and understand how this product function before investing, especially the churn in the portfolio, the tax issues and whether the return on the small case which they publish is the actual return.

All the best.

It is a subjective question, how can there be one thing fits all.
If you really want to get to know what you need, then you also have to tell what you have. What is your portfolio size, risk taking ability, downside potential, time horizon and the purpose. If you don’t want to give your information, simply go with smallcases which have a good track record, and in which you see the manager as well as asset quality is good…

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Between MF and small case why small case. Maybe I am missing a point here.

How is the return managed as the churn happens at the unit holder. Never understood how they project their returns when most of the cost are at the unit holder level. Also is the return after netting off the service charges or fee they take.
I heard that all MF are kind of supervised by AMFI do small case come under their purview.

thanks, everyone.

I’m new to investing and I’m planning to start a monthly SIP for a minimum of 5 years. Can someone please guide me on where I should invest to achieve an expected return of 10 to 11%? I would also like to know if Smallcase is the right option or if there are better alternatives available. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I have attached a screenshot of my current investment portfolio. I stopped investing in it for the last 3 months, but now I’m planning to start again. Could someone please review my portfolio and let me know if any changes are required? I would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Thank you so much!"

Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 11.26.27 PM

Between MF and smallcase, for now I would prefer MF. Smallcase would have been great if indian regulators would have allowed partial buying and selling of shares. But since thats not the case rebalancing is a problem for it, its not efficient.
In smallcase you are not a unitholder, you are owning the shares or ETFs, and hence you pay all types of fee such as brokrage, STT, cdsl fee etc plus smallcase fee, if its paid. They will only track its growth and dividends. So your returns are going to be less than what they project, you have to handle impact cost as well if amount invested is large.
Yes MFs are under the purview of AMFI, smallcase do not have any such overviewer but only a sebi registered investment advisor can offer a public smallcase.
Why I said smallcase with track record in upper conversation is because there are many SCs which have been stopped to take new investments either due to poor performance or very good performance.
So if you take pride in owning shares in your own demat account and have no problems paying somewhat extra and can actively rebalance it when asked by manager go with smallcase, if you are fully passive and want to be fully taken care of by manager, go with MF.

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Since you are new to investing, assuming you are in 20s you should do sip for 15-20 years. You will generate a handsome amount at the end.
Also smallcases are somewhat risky as they contain only 15-20 stocks, so highly concentrated and command high risk - high return.
If you have to invest in indices, for sure go with index funds and not etf or smallcase way.
You have pretty good funds, just start an sip and be regular, do not hop on to other funds even if they underform for a year or so. Give them time to perform if you have chosen them doing some research. And yes, do a step-up sip, as your income grows so should investments…Also do not stop sips, if you think it is out of your pocket to invest, just reduce the amount, once stopped it needs conviction to start again so…
As you are young go with 25% each in large-cap, midcap, smallcap, and debt. Buy other funds on dip. As you grow old, increase the debt part.
Its just my opinion for a long term folio, not an investment advice…

no, my age is 31. can you guide me with the above funds my total investment till date in the above fund is 32k. kindly guide me on what I need to sell and what I need to take.

sir I am much younger than you. This not an investment advice at all. I am no advisor, all risks are yours. I am just trying to clear your thought process as to how you should approach investments….
123.pdf (498.9 KB)

If you want even more detailed advice maybe you should contact some financial advisor who takes some fee and analyases all of your data. For more detailed advice many more things such as your monthly income, your insurances, your spouses’ income, debt & liabilities, your residence city, your aspirations in life and many more variable will have to be taken into account. So, sir sit down, give it some time, plan everything once and for all and then just follow it without failing…

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