Smallcase valuation

Hi @vasanth_kamath, @Anugrah, happy diwali to both of you. Is it possible to implement P/E, P/B and Dividend Yield to smallcases( whole constituents) to properly gauge the current valuation? It would be a perfect way to know where we are standing against the broader market(nifty or BSE sensex). Also you can think of implementing Sharpe ratio or sortino ratio for the risk factor.

I am forced to do this on third party portfolio manager, can I expect some response from the responsible team? @vasanth_kamath? @Anugrah?

Hi @sabyasachi_sadhu,
I observed that they are more active on the smallcase website, where you can contact them over the chat. I did request them for few features before and they are about to implement that in their upcoming releases.


Yes @sudheer_kumar you are absolutely right. By the way I have already suggested these features over the chat, gowri told they are planning for this but didn’t give any details. These features will enhance our decision making while buying any particular smallcase. Also I think implementing these 3 parameters will incur extra expenses for them.

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Hi Sabyasachi,

Good day :slight_smile: We do have the details of PE, PB, Dividend Yield for each smallcases as a whole. But as of now there isn’t any plans to show them in the platform as of now simply because of aesthetics. In smallcase we make sure to have maximum transparency when the user requires any specific data. So we’ll be in touch with you shortly from our support channel to give you the details that you’d wanted for :+1:

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