So many options available, which one to select?

Foe Example: I expect glenmark pharma to grow and so I want to enter call option of Glenmark, Now I select Glenmark 27Aug Call option I have 480 500...1080. Out of all which one to select and what is the significance of that number?

New to F&O, trying to understand things. Can some one help?

Nearer the strike price to the CMP, the better chance it has to reach the strike price and hence; it is expensive. If you select something that is far, it may be cheap but it will fast loose value when the expiry is near and also volume will be low.

Glenmark is currently 1010. If you think it will cross 1050 before expiry, you can buy 1040 CE or more expensive 1030 or even more expensive “in the money” options. It all depends on how much risk you can take and the reward you want.

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