Some confusions about Margin amount

Hi all,

I transferred 16k to my zerodha equity fund. Now I’m seeing ₹15,979 as my account balance and ₹31979 as my margin available.

How this margin amount is calculated? Is It advisable for a rookie like me to use this money which I don’t own? (I guess not?) if no, can I disable this?

And where did my 21rs go?

hi 9 rs will be charged by Zerodha for online payment to your trading account

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Hello @StocksRin , thanks for the information. Can you link me a source page which has information about their fee structure?


You can refer “Instant payment gateway section”.
and if you are option trader please follow Link



Do Imps or rtgs trfr
Works best without any charges & credits in 10min

I’ve done it many times

Plan in advance
Else u may be forced to add ₹ thru PG if u need it immediately, before your stock moves out of that sweet price point you were waiting for.