Some MIS to CNC conversion question

  1. Can I convert from MIS to CNC and vice versa?

  2. If I convert MIS into CNC, how will it appear into trades and orders as MIS or CNC?

  3. When I change MIS to CNC, does it reflect immediately everywhere i.e. in trades,orders and positions?

  4. Is there any extra charge when we convert?

  5. Is there any restriction in conversion that I need to be aware about?

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Hello Trader,

If you are a equity trader read through the following.

  1. YES, You can convert Equity holding positions from MIS to CNC and vice-vera by using the CONVERT POSITION option on your trading software.

  2. The records in the order book and trade book does not change when you convert position, however a successful POSITION CONVERSION will reflect in your OPEN POSITIONS / ADMIN POSITIONS,

  3. Converting you position from MIS to CNC and vice-versa is FREE of Charge, BUT the STT, BROKERAGE etc calculation changes if you are converting from MIS to CNC and taking delivery of your shares.

  1. Some info:

a) When converting from MIS to CNC , you need to have the full cash available in your trading account.

b) Some category of shares a.k.a T2T shares / NSE BE series shares for example bought using the CNC option cannot be converted to MIS.


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where to find “CONVERT POSITION option” in zerodha pi or kite.

Hi Can anybody guide me how to convert CNC type shares to MIS type in Zerodha