Some miscalculation in CPR Scanner

I am trying to find the index that has smaller CPR range compared to previous day. I tried the below condition in the scanner. I get bank nifty in the result. But, the bank nifty had a wider CPR today comparing to yesterday. Not sure if I missed anything. Kindly advice.

Note: I am running against 15mins timeframe so that the central pivot range(tc) and central pivot range(bc) refers to daily CPR

Condition FYR

Chart FYR:

@Streak can you help us with this query?

hello @TradingDude

please note that Current Day CPR is calculated based on Previous day OHLC data. Similarly Previous day CPR is calculated using Day before Yesterday’s (i.e, -2) OHLC data. As you have assigned offset as -1 in the Prev N function, this will fetch the current day’s CPR. Hence not matching your requirement.

I have created the scanner to fetch your requirements, i.e, smaller CPR range compared to previous day , do refer to the link below:

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What a blunder mistake I did :frowning: Thanks for correcting me :heartbeat: