Some much needed Indicators in Zerodha

Hello Guyz,
Lets have this tread for much needed indicators or charting tools needed on zerodha tradingview or chartIq. Please post your indicator name, its usage and any other platform its available on.
For Example:
Inidicator name:
What Indicator does:
Platform available on:

This will help the zerodha team to gather info from a single thread.

Inidicator name: Boring Candle Indicator
What Indicator does: It changes colour of candles whose candle body is less than a specified percentage of candle range. Usually its 50%.
Usage: To mark basing candles during marking of demand and supply zones.
Platform available on: Sharekhan TradeTiger, On made indicator)

Cut these guys some slack! They are already doing so much and their “to do” list is already huge!!
Anyways here is my entry.

  1. Previous day High, Low, Close. PDH, PDL, PDC. Simple! Everything else is self explanatory.

Its already available in zerodha.