Some Qs about NSE NOW

Why is it that if someone migrates to NSE NOW, he/she is deprived of access to kite/Pi/Coin?
Is NOW free to use again?
Does MCX is also available in NOW now?
Are there any charting available in NOW?
Are BO/CO available in NOW?

NSE NOW is a trading platform + execution management system (EMS) managed by NSE. It is completely separate from us. EMS is what manages your order from the time you placed and through the whole life cycle until you exit the position taken by the order. So if you are placing an order on one EMS, there is no way another EMS can track it (Kite/Pi which is run on EMS by Thomson Reuters).

It is free as of NOW. But NSE is charging us, we might start passing on the charges soon.

MCX not possible on NOW.

Very rudimentary charts.



Then that’s why it is said that the execution in NOW is far faster and better!??
How is tick update (in Market Depth) there Sir, wrt kite/Pi? Is it also very fast?

Long back (when we started our business), NSE NOW had its data center within NSE. So the servers which connect users to the exchange was within the exchange. Hence executions were faster. Also the reason why we started the business back in 2010, NSE NOW gave a unique opportunity to start a business with no technology costs and a faster execution platform. But within 2 to 3 years from then, they moved it out of NSE. The NOW data center is no more in NSE. So don’t know about executions being faster.

Tick update could be milliseconds faster than any other platform as NSE NOW gets to connect to NSE through bigger pipes (bigger leased lines). But as a retail user, milli second differences wont’ really matter.

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Also as I have got your attention, I find it most important to redraw your attention towards the charting problems that kite is facing. Please improve the platforms before its too late.
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NSE NOW is way more faster than Kite. its market depth too is faster…almost close to tick by tick data…i can clearly say Kite and Pi lags by 1-2 seconds and u can notice it clearly.

It is free as of NOW. But NSE is charging us, we might start passing on the charges soon.

If you start charging us, we will Shift to as it is a true zero brokerage firm and doesnt charge you a single rupee on commission as well as on NSE NOW platform. Enjoy for now, later you all gonna suffer.

@nithin So the Brokerage charge will be increased Soon? and also you mentioned No BO/CO, is it true?

Brokerage isn’t increasing. NSE NOW, we will not charge until NSE NOW increases the charge

Thank you.