Someone from Zerodha please Help - Ujjivan bank IPO

Hi there,

I had applied for Ujjivan’s bank ipo through zerodha and paid using google pay upi. Mandate was filed and confirmed and was awaiting for execution. The problem is, it is still awaiting for execution, even after the results have been out for few days now.

Because of the mandate not being revoked yet, funds in my bank account are not getting released. I have contacted google pay who in turn asked me to contact zerodha. Now I’m afraid zerodha will ask to check with someone else. You see, there are four stakeholders involved - Google pay, Zerodha, Ujjivan bank and hdfc bank(account I paid from for the mandate using upi)

I tried to contact Zerodha right now but looks like it is closed for today. So I will try to reach out to them on Monday during market hours. But meanwhile, can someone from Zerodha tell me what is going on here ? Will zerodha customer care be able to help me out with this ?


@mohitmehra Can you .

In the cases where the mandate has not timely been revoked after allocation, NPCI has fixed a mandate end date by which the mandate will have to be compulsorily released by the bank (HDFC bank in your case). The mandate end date for Ujjivan Small Finance Bank is 20th December, 2019. However, you can still follow up with your bank to release the mandate manually, since you have not received allocation.

The funds have been released. Thank you

I have same problem so what i do

Same problem is with me and Still not received my amount yet,
Already sent multiple mails to [email protected]
And same is also reported to zerodha but no one is supporting

Same problems with SBI card ipo