Something unexpected happened today with my short position


I had a short sell position for 11000 CE and than I decided to buy a fresh 11000CE long position but system automatically squared off my short position …moment I hit buy call option …

I never meant to square off my short position …at least not today when market was very high…

I was going with the tide and wanted to buy call option as a fresh position but system automatically squared it off …

Whose fault is this ? should I get compensation from broker? it was 8000 Rs. loss


Do you understand Newton’s 3rd law of motion?


This is by far one of the funniest things i’ve seen on this forum :joy:


What is so funny in this? is it my fault? I did not hit square off button…I click on BUY button


Counter position will square off the existing position. Ideally you should have bought different strike price or different expiry date for fresh call buying.



Sorry, but its your fault.

if you have an existing short position and you buy the same instrument, system or in this case kite, will close the position.

There is no way kite or any system will know that you want to initiate a NEW position.

for that kind of system you need advanced AI which has ability to read you thoughts.


Well you can be sarcastic but look …kite or any broker should made a provision /distinction between square off and buy /sell



well, i was not trying to be sarcastic.

This is how it works on other brokers platforms too.

Now even if you put a square off or new position button, how will system initiate a new position without closing existing position, assuming you have a existing short position.

Can you explain how one would do this?


simple if one clicks on square off …that it will square off but if one click on buy …it should initiate new position …even though they are same strike price and expiry …these software writes should know that its different premium and greeks etc.


Hmmm, let me put it to you this way. You place a buy order of 100 shares of Reliance, next you place a sell order for 100 shares of Reliance, what should happen according to you?


Fair point, the system should read your mind before your order is placed.
Zerodha should use AI or something.


DM me if you want to know what you did wrong, here!


You can not compare it with stock …its different premium and greeks etc.


If you were holding a short cnc position, you could have gone long with a mis position to avoid squaring off your short. Thats the only way!


joining curiousvi i have a query
why the system did not offer a chance as to the price at which the existing position should be squared off either market or limit if it is not beyond 15 hrs intraday trade


@curiousvi Its not only brokers platform, even exchanges does net off the positions at end of day as per Clearing & Settlement mechanism. Say, You had Nifty 11000 CE short sell in July expiry (existing position) and now punched Buy order for 11000 CE July expiry , even If any broker tried showing (Through AI world …lol), exchange does net off the position and next day you have no position open in 11000 CE July expiry.

If your looking for intraday, I’m sure every broker will have various product types available :slight_smile:


Plz rephrase,
Can’t get what you meant?



When a contra order is placed choice should be given to the user either to square off the position with limit or market price . in the present case existing short position is to be squared off for the same strike.User should decide whether such squaring shall be@ the market rate of the price fixed by user. Intraday after 15 hrs is understandable as either zeordha or exchange squares off at market rates


What you are saying or whatever you want to say is beyond comprehension.

Do you know the meaning of the word ‘‘strike’’? You have completely messed up the trading vocabulary here! I know it’s frustrating when you can’t get the idea OR you get some insane idea which others are completely refusing to accept. But plz try to rephrase it again with example.